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I am a  medium from birth but before I knew it I had to contact myself. I often asked the question to my guides but I was always told that I was not ready to know. So I waited and worked on myself again and again. One day I met a person who was channeling and that's where my heart jumped. After this meeting I constantly heard the word "channeling" to learn from a good medium that I was a channel and that I would work with the masters of synthesis. Several years have passed and these masters made me work to the recognition of my soul and through their contact I met several energies other than theirs. I discovered that I was a universal channel which means that I can channel any masters as well as birds, water, wind, all forms of life and even death. To get there I was in touch with this invisible 24 hours a day working even at night. Today I am finally ready to help the public more fully with my husband Pierre Surprenant who grounds the energy and is a energy therapist.

What is channelling?

The person who is the medium channel receives the energy and the presence of beings of light (guides, masters, angels, archangels, etc.) in their canal and their body and it is the being who comes to speak through the person and transmits at the same time the light energy that the participant needs in the present moment.

Why attend  channelling?

To receive the energy of the Masters and archangels and to receive the answers that are already inside you but of which you are not aware. The encounter with the Masters stimulates healing and allows for higher understandings.

When to meet the Masters?

When you experience confusion, you have choices to make, you have physical discomfort, emotional distress or simply a need for expansion. The Masters are there to help you understand, heal and move forward in your life.

Private consultations with the Masters 

An encounter with the Masters by channeling allows you to answer the questions you have as well as to receive comments on what you live in the present moment to better understand what your soul wishes to live and thus be able to feel what you have to do. Become aware of your potentialities or blockages in order to help you guide your life choices.

 It is a valuable guidance aid. Energy treats at the same time that it speaks to you and supports you vibrationally. To evaluate the experience and to identify the causes of the behaviors or illnesses. The energy works to free these causes through understanding and energy work.

The look of the Masters

Come meet the eyes of the Masters.

Come and hear your inner truth.

Come and accept your inner truth.

Live your inner truth.

 Soul Reading

Know your strengths and poteential.

The Masters connect to your consciousness and help you to discern the plan of your soul.

Find out who you are.

Guidance in the channelling process

Many people are unaware that they are a channel for the Light and live discomforts of all kinds. Get lessons on energy movements and an energy intervention that opens your channel to better receive and perceive energy. There is guided experimentation which allows to better understand what is going on.

Energy treatment and Reiki

Treatments are provided by Lucie and Pierre together

Energy treatments allows you to release the blocked energies and restore the circulation and the energy balance in all your reality through certain movements and interventions. These sessions act in the  physical plane also on the  emotional, mental and spiritual plane as well. The circulation is more fluid and your energy systems are harmonized. Treatment stimulates your own self-healing strength.

Different interventions are available according to your needs and can be done remotely.

  1. ·         Energy transfer in all your energy centers (chakras)
    Bring light and energy
  2. ·         Cleaning and harmonization of the subtle bodies and canal
    Cleaning the bodies and bringing light, allowing aeration of the bodies and a better fluidity, alignment of the bodies
  3. ·         Cleaning and harmonization of major energy centers
    Cleaning of the centers, light transfer and stimulation of the energy flow
  4. ·         Cleaning and harmonization of secondary energy centers
    Cleaning of secondary centers and energy points, light transfer and stimulation of energy flow in secondary circuits
  5. ·         Stabilization and enhencement  of the energy, grounds the subtle bodies and chakras
    Grounds each of the energetic centers at the level of the anchoring-life and the subtle bodies, the reinforcement of the acceptance of the incarnation and the soul's plan.
  6. ·         Opening of the passages of the heart
    Transfer of light and consciousness into each of hearts, heart of light, astral heart, mental heart, emotional heart, etheric heart and physical heart, stimulation of the passage of hearts, release and healing at all levels of the heart
  7. ·         Harmonization of the cerebral hemispheres and the nervous system
    Transfer of light into the hemispheres of the brain, cleansing of the hemispheres and the corpus callosum, stimulation of the energy points of the spinal bulb and nervous system of the spine, stimulation of the pineal and pituitary glands, calms the mind and discharges the surplus of 'energy

An energetic massage practiced by the Masters in channelling is also possible through the hands of Lucie. A massage perfectly suited to your needs in combination with energy treatment.

Initiation to the REIKI-
consciousness of the  Masters

Reiki has always existed. Reiki  simplyis. It is like a river flowing in this universe from which you can all draw to heal. Reiki is a universal healing force. It is through it that the universe itself is healed. To draw from it is always to cure part or all of what you are. Trust Reiki.

Reiki was discovered and rediscovered over the centuries and bore several names but all drew on this fountain of love to drink. Reiki is love and only love, an unconditional love that heals without any judgment.

Choosing Reiki is choosing yourself or relishing yourself again and again. From life to life you have contacted Reiki and you are nourished. Even today your path is still leading you to it, one last time perhaps for you to grow through it. »

Receive your symbol

"You have in you a mark, a symbol that represents you. This symbol is unique. This symbol corresponds to your vibration and can not be transferred or borrowed by anyone. This symbol is your written vibration, your way of seeing life, the symbol of your mastery. By this symbol you join in a moment your inner master. "

"Once you receive this symbol, you grow through it and each time you use it, you contact that master inside because Reiki will always use that key to enter your home. Reiki is flexibility and adapts to all individuals allowing you to recognize yourself through his own key. It is therefore a great gift that you make yourself by accepting Reiki back into yourself. "

"Your Reiki symbol carries peace and can be used anytime, anywhere, under any circumstances. Reiki always acts as soon as you ask. He always acts in the best possible way for the individual in need or to cure any situation. "

"You can put it in any place that needs light and thus illuminate a place in need of peace, light or healing. (Hospitals, shopping centers, etc ...)

Reiki - consciousness of the Masters

Reiki is universal and the Masters, through their emanation of light and great wisdom, transmit this energy in your channel. You receive the opening of your channel allowing you to transmit this energy to yourself and others. So there is an initiation where you receive a unique symbol that puts you in touch with your inner master. You integrate gradually this energy by raising your vibratory rate and practicing Reiki on yourself and on others.

You, the initiate, do not receive a symbol from another master, rather the Masters give you your unique symbol.

Reiki-consciousness of the Masters is complementary to other Reiki systems. Need to grow, to contact yourself, to recognize yourself? Open the door to Reiki-consciousness.

Reiki-consciousness is the beginning of a new life that begins inside you, transforming your life. Your hands, healing tools through which light passes to help you and others.


Self-treatment is a treatment that you apply to yourself. It is also very simply done. It is simply putting your hands on each energy center to which you feel called.

Remote treatment

The remote treatment is done with the agreement of the soul of a person who asked you beforehand a treatment. You can put the person energetically on the table and treat it the same way you treat a person in physical presence. The effects of treatment will be equally effective.


In addition, you will receive an extra energy pool of Supra-consciousness to support the integration of your Reiki and contact your inner master. An awakening energy to yourself and to your true identity.
Supra-consciousness the faculty of perceiving and transcending consciousness through consciousness

Wonderful transformation tool that will allow you to better perceive yourself and be able to transform yourself consciously.


All activities are held at 328 chemin Knowlton, Lac-Brome Qc J0E 1V0

        873. 200. 9563

   For informations and reservations, contact Pierre Surprenant

You can also form a group for a meditation and we travel to your home. Find out the possibilities according to your needs.


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